These Are The Most Common Drains On Your Car Battery | Mission, TX

Most Common Drains On Your Car Battery | Bert Ogden Auto Outlet | Mission, TX

Without your car battery, your vehicle would not be able to start. But your battery also needs a running vehicle to recharge itself. This ingenious symbiotic relationship keeps your vehicle running smoothly — until it doesn’t.

Sometimes, your battery loses its charge after you turn your vehicle off, meaning it’s not ready to start your car the next time you’re behind the wheel. Is it time to replace your battery, or is there something else going on that means your battery is salvageable?

The experts here at Bert Ogden Mission Auto Outlet in Mission, Texas, have put together this handy list of common drains on your battery:

Extreme Heat (Or Lack Thereof)

Here in Mission, Texas, we are no strangers to extreme heat. Did you know, though, that high temperatures can drain the life out of your battery? If you discover a dead battery on a hot day, all is not lost. Get your car jump-started, drive around for a bit, turn it off, and try turning it back on again. If it turns on with no problem, your battery is fine; it was just the heat!

Cold weather can have the same effect, too, but there’s less of that here in Texas.

Lights Left On

If your used vehicle does not have an auto headlight shut-off feature and you leave your headlights running when you turn off your car, that’s a surefire way to drain your car battery. Similarly, if you accidentally leave your door or trunk ajar, even slightly, your interior lights may stay on and drain your car battery.

Actual Battery Issues

Loose connections for your battery are an easy fix, but if your battery is old and has corroded terminals, it is likely time to replace your battery. Luckily, this is a cheap car repair in the grand scheme of things.

Are you ready to for a vehicle upgrade? Check out the inventory at Bert Ogden Mission Auto Outlet in Mission, Texas.


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