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New cars can be exciting, but because they lose a large chunk of value as soon you drive them off the lot, they don’t always make the most practical investments. If you are on a tighter budget or just want to spend your money more wisely, consider buying a used vehicle at Bert Ogden Mission Auto Outlet. Here are a few reasons to buy used:

You’ll save money

Because used cars, trucks, and SUVs have had previous owners and thus have miles on the odometer, they come at a greatly reduced cost. They have already gone through their major depreciation period, so you are getting a better deal when you buy used. Used vehicle prices may be so low that you can pay in cash and avoid monthly payments and interest.
Used vehicles are also cheaper to insure, so you should expect a lower insurance premium when buying used.

You have more choices

When you buy used, you aren’t limited to what’s on the market right now. If you like a model that has been discontinued—or even a smaller detail, like a CD player or discontinued color—you might be able to find that when shopping used.

Buying used also enables you to consider luxury vehicles or higher trim levels of a specific vehicle you might not otherwise be able to afford. That means you’ll get more elegant styling, more advanced safety technologies, and a more comfortable interior—for less.

You have all the information you need

When you buy used, you have years’ worth of data on that specific model available to you on the internet to ensure you are making a wise decision. You can also use tools to determine a fair price for a used car. Further, you can get a vehicle history report when purchasing used for increased confidence.



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