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Choosing Between a Gas, Diesel, Hybrid, and Electric Vehicle - Bert Ogden Mission Auto Outlet - Mission, TX

Bert Ogden Mission Auto Outlet in Mission, Texas, offers a wide range of used vehicles — with varying power sources. While gas-powered cars, like the Toyota Camry and Subaru Forester, are the most common, we also carry vehicles powered by diesel, hybrid models (a blend of gas and electric), and pure electric vehicles.

But how can you know which vehicle is right for you?


The most common type of fuel for vehicles is gasoline. Because gas-powered cars are a dime a dozen, they are the cheapest to repair and maintain. However, gas vehicles are not great for our environment and will likely ultimately be phased out in future decades in favor of cleaner fuel sources. But for now, a used gas vehicle is great for the average driver thanks to their low cost to own and falling gas prices.



Diesel engines can give you more power (specifically torque) than traditional gas engines, which is why larger trucks thrive on diesel power. If you are looking for high performance, diesel may be the way to go. However, diesel vehicles can be more expensive to repair. The cost of diesel gasoline, like tradition fuel, fluctuates. Sometimes it is cheaper than gas; sometimes it is more expensive.



Electric vehicles require no fuel source other than electricity, making them significantly cleaner than gas vehicles. However, you have to charge these vehicles over several hours, meaning they are not great for long-distance driving. They are also more expensive to repair, but that balances out with the lack of fuel costs.



Hybrid vehicles give you the best of both worlds. While typically more expensive to purchase and do maintenance on than gas vehicles, they are much more efficient thanks to their electric motors. Since these are not fully electric, you won’t need to worry about charging overnight or running out of range. You’ll still need to fill up at gas stations, but far less frequently than you would in a gas or diesel vehicle.


Visit Bert Ogden Mission Auto Outlet in Mission, TX, for a closer look at our inventory of used gas, hybrid, electric, and diesel-powered models.


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